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    • Shipping import and export
      Mainly in China's major ports (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc.) as the port of departure, to provide customers with shipping services to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and we have established good long-term partnerships with APL, COSCO, MAERSK, EMC, ONE and many other shipping divisions. Professional contracting seaborne import and export FCL&LCL business, including customer inquiry, booking, customs declaration, commodity inspection, interior, door to door, fumigation and other operational services, to meet the needs of customers. U-Rich has a well-established overseas agent network, and the cooperation relationship has been stable for a long time. Over the years, it has accumulated rich experience in customs clearance and delivery of foreign destination ports, and can provide customers with DDU and DDP services with local advantages and excellent quality. After years of development, our company has a group of experienced maritime professionals, familiar with the port conditions of various countries and various types of cargo transportation processes, and is skilled in handling various shipping procedures. According to the specific requirements of customers, we can create a unique transportation plan to improve efficiency and save costs for customers.
    • Air import and export
      We provides air transportation services to major air ports in the country (Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Hong Kong etc.) and exports to major ports in the world. It has established good long-term cooperative partnership with CA, EK, CX, TK, MU and other airlines. At the same time, relying on the convenient transshipment conditions of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, relying on Hong Kong's abundant route resources and advantageous freight rates, it can achieve economic and fast service. Even during the peak season, you have the full cabin guarantee to transport your goods to every corner of the world. U-Rich has established a comprehensive international cooperation network in major overseas countries to provide customers with air import services from all over the world. According to the needs of customers, we can instruct overseas agents to arrange goods from abroad to major domestic cities, and provide customs clearance or import and export agency services. We will flexibly choose customs clearance ports and customs declaration methods according to the different characteristics of the goods to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customers in a timely and timely manner, saving valuable time and cost for the customers.
    • Door-to-door Service
      It mainly provides shipping services to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Australia. Our company has many years of experience in working with major domestic customers, providing door-to-door service to major ports around the world, including DDU, DDP, DAP and EX-W. The stable space and preferential freight rates are obvious advantages for our company to win customers' favor.
    • FBA Service
      For customers with FBA demand, we have adopted a variety of professional transportation methods such as shipping + express, shipping + truck, air + delivery, etc.. We can arrange the best Amazon head and two-way services for customers around the world, and rely on overseas warehouses greatly reduce customer costs and flexibly arrange cargo transportation plans.
    • Overseas Warehouse
      Based on our own economic strength, scientific and technological capabilities, our company has established a perfect overseas warehouse network in the West, East, Europe, Australia, Canada and other places, thus forming a strong combination of sea and air transportation and warehousing and distribution declaration. The complete logistics network system provides drop shipping and after-sales service management and other supply chain value-added services for customers with cross-border e-commerce.
    • Logistics Solutions
      Whether it is traditional seaborne air transportation or e-commerce logistics with strong development momentum in recent years, U-Rich supply chain has always adhered to the service concept of “service creation value, digital value-added value”, making full use of self-developed logistics information platform. Integrate the company's internal and external logistics resources and service means, and use various scientific and technological means to create a comprehensive logistics management system integrating warehousing, transportation, customs declaration, distribution, information inquiry and multimodal transportation, and tailor-made professional logistics solutions for customers. Provide the most reasonable mode of transportation, and use digital to create a life-cycle smart logistics solution for cross-border logistics companies.
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